UCL Last 16 Business Partners Breakdown-Spanish Clubs

After introducing the number of business partners each UEFA Champions League last 16 club has it is time to go into more detail.



The Spanish clubs will be the first to go under the microscope. Between the 4 participating clubs (Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla) there are 78 business partners. The classification of partners differs from club to club. Los Blancos have split theirs into three types: main, global, and regional. Barcelona split their partners into four types: main, premium, official, regional.

In contrast, Sevilla split their 11 business partners into sponsors and collaborators (patrocinadores & colaboradores) whereas Atletico regards all of their 12 business partners as sponsors.

Nations Represented

Real Madrid represents 10 countries through their sponsorship deals: Spain, UAE, Qatar, Germany USA, Nigeria, South Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the UK. Barcelona represents 17 countries: Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, USA, Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand, Peru, Germany, Turkey, Italy, UK, UAE, Qatar.

As for Atletico and Sevilla most of their sponsors are domestic. Both clubs have 7 Spanish sponsors amongst their ranks.

Industries Involved

it seems that nowadays clubs focus on getting as many business partners as possible in order to increase commercial revenue and expand their reach to global fan bases throughout those deals.

Real Madrid has a foothold in 19 different industries. Some of them such as Adidas who are a sportswear manufacturer and Hugo boss who are in the luxury clothing industry, but the two are linked to the fashion industry. In this analysis, each of these companies is treated as separate industries. Therefore, an industry is determined by the main activity of the business partner.

Barcelona represents 23 different industries. Out of Sevilla’s 11 sponsors, there are 10 different industries in the mix.  Atletico and Sevilla keep going hand in hand and Los Colchoneros also have 10 different industries among their partners. Surprisingly none of them is Chinese, due to the fact that the club is partially owned by Wanda Group, I expect that to change in the foreseeable future.

Football and beer were meant to go together. That’s why there are 8 beer partners involved. Real Madrid is with Mahou a Spanish brand and with Star a Nigerian beer who is also partnered with other European clubs and with Mexican beer Tecate. Barcelona is leading with 3 beer partners which are Estrella dam, Chang, and Tecate. Atletico is with Mahou as well while Sevilla go with Cruzcampo, a Spanish beer brand under the Heineken Group.

Banks and financial services are also strong among the partners with 7 deals.

Most represented Brands

All of the clubs have a partnership with the soft drinks giant, Coca-Cola, making it the most represented brand amongst the Spanish clubs in this analysis. In future posts, it will be evident that Coca-Cola has a strong foothold within football clubs.

Nike has the edge between the kit manufacturers as they supply equipment to Barcelona and Atletico. Adidas sponsor Real Madrid and Sevilla is with New Balance. Barcelona’s Deal with Nike is worth around 155M annually according to Fox Sports. It is also a partnership that runs since 1998 and was recently extended by 10 years.

Real Madrid’s deal with Adidas is worth $1.6 billion for the next 10 years will earn the club $160M annually (Forbes 2016). This partnership has also begun in 1998.

 Atletico’s deal with Nike was renewed back in 2013 and will run until 2026.

The brand that drives the players is Audi. The German automobile company has partnerships with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Atletico and Sevilla settle for local car dealers, although Sevilla have opted for another German powerhouse, BMW.

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