Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Insights: Tottenham VS Liverpool

Date: 22/10/2017

Location: Wembley Stadium

Event: Premier League Matchday 9 Tottenham VS Liverpool


It has been a while since I attended a football match and even so a Premier League one. Actually, the last Premier League match I attended was the exact fixture last season at White Hart Lane.

As much as I am a fan, yesterday, I also had my business hat on and took the chance to review some of the fan engagement and sponsorship initiatives on display.


  • Kumho Tyres Sponsorship Activation- Last July, Tottenham announced the South Korean tyre company as the official tyre partner of the club. Wembley Stadium is surrounded by a commercial area. Kumho and the club utilised two of its facilities. The Hilton Wembley hotel which is a minute away from the stadium hosted an event and guests by/from Kumho and the club. The second area that was utilised for the activation was a square in front of a nearby Sainsbury’s at the end of the famous Olympic Way which makes it easy to spot as lots of fans end up there. Together with a company called The Racing Bug a mobile driving simulator was set. Fans had the chance to sit and drive a remote-controlled car while racing other fans for a chance to win a certain prize. What was important here is that the    place of residence of the fans was registered. This gives Tottenham another indication  of their fan base locations. At the end of the activation, a message from    Kumho to engage with local tyre dealers was pushed in order to get a free tyre safety check. Slippery roads season is upon us.


  • Team Line-Up Display- Inside the stadium as the starting 11 of Tottenham was announced, the circular led display between levels of seating showed the names of the different social media accounts of the matching players. The social media networks that were shown were Instagram and Twitter. The line-up was also displayed on the two main screens and here there is an opportunity. The line-up announcement was not sponsored by any partner. This provides a chance to up-sell an existing partner or include line-up sponsorship in a future package when negotiating with a potential new partner.



  • Pitch surrounding led boards- Maybe this is an occurring theme in every match in Wembley but only a quarter of the surroundings (imagine an L shape) was occupied with led boards. I believe there’s the option to place more boards but probably there’s a reason why they were missing.


  • Club staff mixing with fans- around the stadium in the fan zones, ticket office and store there was always a presence of Tottenham staff ready to engage with fans. Some were providing information while others encouraged social media activity through physical Instagram frames and the use of hashtags.


  • Concourses screens- in the TV screens around the concourses pictures and tweets of fans who engaged with the club’s official hashtags were displayed for all to see. For sure a fan who spotted his own tweet and picture shared again with a picture of that.


  • Main screens- during the build-up to the match on the two main screens were shown a few types of content. Replays of goals from previous encounters with Liverpool were shown. There was an attempt to keep fans entertained with a quiz on display although it didn’t seem likely to measure the effect of the quiz. Happy birthday messages were displayed too. The piece of content which I liked the most was the acknowledgement of fans who travelled from abroad such as a fan who made his way from Johannesburg, South Africa.


  • New stadium- On the led boards that were mentioned previously a call to download the new augmented reality app in order to experience the new stadium was displayed. In addition, there was a hype video of the new stadium closer to kick-off.


To conclude, overall, I felt that Tottenham have provided with a good experience and engaged with fans. I would like to see more sponsorship activation since there is a lot of space around the stadium to do much more. Perhaps there are limitations from the local council and organising bodies as was yesterday when at the same time there was a big BBC event at the Wembley Arena.

Having Tottenham at Wembley Stadium is a really good test run for them to learn what works and what needs improvement once they move to their new home.

One thing is for sure, the WiFi at Wembley Stadium must be sorted if event organisers want their event to be strong on social media.

One thought on “Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Insights: Tottenham VS Liverpool

  1. Nice article David. I like the idea of players social media accounts being displayed, would fit nicely with your previous idea of linking merchandise opportunities to the accounts. Also think QR codes on the big screen for people to scan can be used to get people more engaged.

    I think LED boards usually go in a C shape around the ground, with the area not used usually on the side where TV camera’s are, therefore not being seen on TV. Not sure why only an L shape here.

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